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What is Ollie's Army?
You shop at Ollie’s regularly and spend money. Our customer loyalty program, Ollie’s Army turns your money into points. When you accrue 250 points in your account, we will send you a discount certificate. The bigger cheapskate you are, the more you save!

How do I earn points?
You receive one point for every dollar you spend! It’s our way of rewarding you for shopping at Ollie’s.

What's in it for me?
No Obligation: Ollie’s Army membership is free and you’re not obligated to serve for a certain length of time. You’ll receive: Several special discounts mailed to you throughout the year to take advantage of unbelievable deals!

How do I become a member?

1. Go to any Ollie’s store and request an Ollie’s Army card. Provide your email address at checkout.
2. After you receive your card, return to and log in with your new card number and email address. Update your information, including mailing address (that’s where we’ll send your rewards!).
3. When your information is updated we will send you a 10% Off Enlistment Bonus email the following day as a thank you!


Hours: Monday-Saturday: 9AM - 9PM; Sunday: 10AM - 7PM; CLOSED EASTER SUNDAY 4/20/14